Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is happy to help with any orders or inquiries you may have. Shashin Kosha offers all types of printing, digital, and exhibition services. We can provide all your needs from the first steps of shooting to the production and set-up of photo exhibitions. Special processes including toning, any variety of printing papers and techniques, and creative digital work are available. Please consult our list of services to match your needs. Inquiries about other special services you might require are welcome.


Gelatin Silver Prints

Type C Color Prints

Black & White Prints


Art Prints

Museum-Quality Archival Prints


Digital Prints

Gelatin Silver Paper Prints from Digital Data


Frontier Prints

Machine Silver Prints


Inkjet Prints

Inkjet Prints from Digital Data



Media Copy

Film Processing

Dupes / Internegatives

Copy Work



Special Services

Toning & Archival Processing

Selenium and other toners, used with carefully selected Archival materials and processes are available for our B&W prints at additional cost.


Image Restoration for Film and Prints

Shashin Kosha offers special Image Restoration Services using the latest techniques from individual retouching to digital manipulations. Costs on a per job basis. Please inquire.


Digital Services: Color and Black & White

Shashin Kosha offers a full array of Digital Services for both Color and B&W imagery. We can meet all your scanning, Photoshop, and digital printing needs. Please inquire to match your individual needs.


Exhibition Services

We at Shashin Kosha provide all types of services to help you exhibit and share your photography with a wider audience - from mounting, matting, framing, and photo panels, to arranging and managing complete photo exhibits. Please inquire about our exhibition options and let us know how we can help in preparing and exhibiting your photographs.


Mailing & Shipping

Shashin Kosha has taken great care in developing a comprehensive mail service system to serve our customers across Japan. We now offer international mail service and shipping for our new customers outside Japan as well. Shipping cost estimates available for any size order.